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Tag: Revolution


It’s gonna blow!

AAA game publishing moves in a great cycle. Like a well known story, it’s beginning is always the same. Someone comes across a potentially profitable model and a single publisher […]


Uncommon Sense

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I have a love/hate relationship with technology’s affect on society. It’s hard to say what the long term ramifications of any particular advancement or invention […]


PR for big dummies

Public Relations is a tough job. You’re responsible for making the actions of others look good and absorbing the flack from unhappy customers. It’s a thankless, difficult, and tedious job […]


If you stand on the tracks the hype train will hit you.

Gaming is in an odd place right now. As with anything electronic or digital, the changing trends tend to vastly outpace the world’s ability to change with them. Digital distribution, DLC, hot fixes, patches, and so many other changes have become ingrained in the medium as high speed internet connectivity has become more and more accessible. On the surface this […]