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Wrong is wrong

A common discussion point in the debate over the ethicallity of game monetization practices is where the line should be drawn. At what point does something go from acceptable to […]


Uncommon Sense

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I have a love/hate relationship with technology’s affect on society. It’s hard to say what the long term ramifications of any particular advancement or invention […]


A tale to tell

So Telltale shutdown. A company that could have done so much ended up failing because of bad decisions and bad leadership. It’s a shit situation and it shouldn’t have gone […]


On Display

Gather round children and let Old Man Pineapple tell ya a tale of a long forgotten time. A time of legend and myth. A time when the people you knew […]


Here we go again

Forsaken, the new expansion for Destiny 2, launched yesterday. I hadn’t originally planned on getting it. With the disappointment that D2 had been throughout its first year I expected it […]


Tear Down This Wall

Crossplay has been getting a fair bit of attention lately. Between Sony holding Epic Games accounts hostage to Bethesda making a statement (mostly symbolic) by threatening to withhold a new […]