What do comedy and talking about a murder have in common? A lot more than you would think!

Each week on Small Town Murder comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman dive into, as hinted at in the title, a case of murder in a small town. They expertly walk a very fine line of taking the piss out of the criminals, and the often bizarre situations, while never denigrating the victims or belittling those who lost a loved one. In fact, the episodes usually begin with a disclaimer from the hosts that this is a comedy show and if the mix of this particular subject matter and laughter sounds distasteful to the listener this may not be the podcast for them.

Each episode begins in a way that I haven’t seen in any other true crime podcast. They not only introduce some of the particulars of the case in question they also dig into the history and makeup of the town itself. Covering a wide range of information, from population demographics, local economy, and many of the things that someone would be likely to look it if they were considering a move to that town. They use this to paint a picture of the kind of town where this murder took place.

The hosts have great chemistry and have no problems saying what we’re all thinking but usually can’t say because of what people will think. Lucky for us James and Jimmie are assholes, but not scumbags.

Despite the grizzly details of these stories, it’s a brutally honest look at the dark side of small town America. From picturesque, affluent towns that look like a modern Rockwell painting to isolated pockets of humanity on the backside of nowhere there is a common thread of people being the worst kind of monsters.

As someone who lives in a small town, and knows the kind of things that can happen in a seemingly peaceful little community, I understand the need to make fun of some of these things. In a world that can go from normal to insanity in the blink of an eye, sometimes laughter is the best way to take the edge off.

You should check this out if :

  • You enjoy true crime.
  • You enjoy dark humor.

You may not like this if:

  • You are squeamish about talk of violence.
  • You are offended by “inappropriate jokes”.

You can find Small Town Murder on iTunes, Stitcher, and most other podcast providers. They can be found on Twitter at @murdersmall and on Facebook. They also have a website, shutupandgivememurder.com , where you can find links to their Patreon, social media, and merchandise.

Til next time,

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