A good games journalist should stay objective. I can say, in a purely objective manner, that Filip Miucin is a jackass. Who is that you may ask? Up until last week, when he was unceremoniously fired, he was an editor at IGN. Why was he fired? That’s a short story that turned into a much bigger deal.
The initial problems came along when IGN published a review for the game Dead Cells narrated and “written” by Filip. Somewhere along the way an eagle eyed observer spotted a few little similarities between it and a review posted a over a week prior on the Boomstick Gaming YouTube channel. The similarities would have been difficult for most people to notice, mainly because Filip so egregiously plagarized the Boomstick review that one could be forgiven for thinking it was a case of Deja Vu. It’s honestly impressive how little effort Miucin put into changing the review to even pretend it was his own work. Whole scentence and paragraphs were lifted nearly word for word and even the order at which the different aspects of the game were discussed was copied.
Once this was discovered and IGN management was made aware of the issue they acted quickly and decisively. The review was removed from the site and Filip was removed from their staff. Not only was this the right call on their part it should have been the end of the story.
Sadly, Sour Pineapple’s Third Law of Jackasses reared its ugly head. “A jackass in action will remain in action despite any number of forces acting upon it”. Filip Miucin demonstrated this in spectacular fashion with his non-apology apology video. He starts with a very forced sigh and a slight stutter to act as if he is experiencing extreme stress and emotional pain. He then refers to the issue as “plagarism allegations”. Here’s the first issue. It’s not an allegation. This isn’t a legal case, you aren’t innocent until proven guilty. Everyone has seen the evidence and we all know you did rip off someone’s work. You did it! It’s way past a fucking allegation!
He goes on to say he takes responsibility for what happened and immediately starts making excuses. Something someone told me a long time ago that has always stuck with me came to mind :”If you say you’re sorry and the say the word ‘but’ youre not apologizing, you’re defending.” Filip Miucin had no intention of apologizing in any way. The problem is that he doesn’t see what he did as wrong. He says that his process is the same as other reviewers and that his video being a nearly word for word copy of the Boomstick review was not intentional. He seriously expects people to believe that it’s purely coincidental based on formulaic review structures and the research he did. I don’t know if it’s arrogance or sheer stupidity that led him to even try and make that claim but I’ll be damned if that isn’t some of the ballsiest lying I’ve seen in some time. His ability to show his head so far up his own ass should have led him to an Olympic gold medal for gymnastics rather than his chosen profession.
After a few half hearted apologies to IGN and the studio behind Dead Cells, Motion Twin, he then starts his non apology to Boomstick. Sadly this was only to direct the conversation towards another ploy. He spoke about how he was once a YouTuber and he knows what it’s like to struggle to make a name for yourself. He is simply trying to gain more sympathy because he too was once the little guy. The smug little asshat actually has the nerve to try and paint himself as an underdog who overcame adversity.
This leads into his biggest mistake. He claims that he hasn’t plagarized anything during his career and encourages Kotaku, and namely news editor Jason “I’ma expose all you shitty sons of bitches” Schreier, to continue looking to find more evidence of plagarism because, according to Miucin, there isn’t any. Then the flood gates opened and a river of bullshit flowed out.
Not only did Filip plagarize the Dead Cells review but case after case of Miucin stealing work from others came to the forefront. H review of FIFA 18 was another barely paraphrased copy of the review by Nintendo Life. He stole content from Engadget for Samus Returns. He had a top five list that was just five reviews he stole from other people. I don’t know what in the chocolate covered hell he thought this would accomplish.
The video goes on a little longer with more of him claiming to be the victim, calling the backlash he’s received a lynch mob, and thanking the people who have reached out to support him. I really doubt he has many supporters in all this and it’s clear he brought this on himself by his unethical behavior.
The icing on the cake in this whole shit show may be the most ironic thing I have ever witnessed. It’s so ironic that I think some time in the last few days a wormhole opened sending copies of the news articles about this back in time to inspire Alanis Morisette to write a song. Filip Miucin has gone on a flagging spree across YouTube filing copyright violation claims against anyone using parts of his video as part of a commentary on the situation. Let that sink in. He plagarized someone’s work, got caught, got fired, and then started trying to remove videos responding to his non apology on the grounds that it was unauthorized use of his work. It staggers the fucking mind to see such an extreme detachment from anything resembling reality.
Filip deserved to be fired. He deserves to never be able to work in journalism of any kind ever again. He should be propped up as an example of what unethical behavior is. He is a grade A jackass the likes of which wemay never again see in our lifetime. Though we probably will when EA hires him. He’d probably fit in there.
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Sour Pineapple