I have come across a lot of content creators that I think do things in such a great way that anyone who enjoys games should check out their work. Less common is someone who is so good at what they do that I feel the need to really step up my game because they’re so much better than me. I recently discovered someone who is that good. I don’t mean that in a hyperbolic, omg-this-guy-is-amazeballs, over the top sort of way. I mean it in a “since I saw this guy in action I realized just how far I have to go” way. That man is Pliny the Welder.
First off, the name is absolutely brilliant. I happened to see him comment in a Twitter thread and the name was so good that I had to go to his profile.  From there I discovered his site and YouTube channel and binge read/watched as much of his content I could.
You may have noticed a pattern here that I cover a lot of people who do critique, reviews, and commentary. One of the things that I look for is if someone is insightful and truly understands what they’re talking about. Pliny has that covered in spades. From start to finish, everything I’ve seen him cover has been thoughtful and informative while being concise enough to never bog down. He doesn’t get sucked in by hype but he also gives bad games credit for what they do well. It’s a fair approach to looking at things for what they are with little to no visible bias. That’s a rare skill.
Pliny’s coverage of the goings on of the gaming world take a similar approach. Fact and opinion are clearly defined. He also covers things in a “pulls no punches” style that conveys honesty and conviction without straying into being an asshole. He says what needs to be said and backs it up with logic. Nothing comes off as a knee jerk reaction. Just calm, reasoned statements.
i know I’ve gone into greater detail about other creators. I’m keeping things a little lighter on this one because i truly believe his work speaks for itself better than i could and i want to encourage everyone to go see for themselves. If it seems like I’m going full fan girl here, I kinda am. Its been a while since I found a creator who I enjoy as much as I have going through Pliny’s work. I think you will to so please go check him out on YouTube and read his site, follow him on Twitter, and it seems he doesn’t have a Patreon or anything but if he ever does you should support him.
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