Earlier this week, I got on a conference call with the other Bros and we were discussing some future collaborative plans and also what our goals were on our individual projects and it got me thinking. I realized that I’ve never really written out exactly what I hope to do with this series of articles and how I choose who to talk about. I think this is a good time to fix that.
First, I want to start with what inspired this. A few years ago, some time around Christmas, Extra Credits (amazing show btw) did a special episode about who they thought their viewers should watch while they took a few weeks off for the holidays. They discussed a variety of channels and why they enjoyed them. I decided to follow their suggestion and discovered a ton of content that was entertaining and interesting and made me a fan of a lot of new creators. I may never have discovered some of these otherwise. One creator used their platform to promote someone else and it cost them nothing but was a benefit to someone else. To me, that is one of the best ways to use your voice in a community and I want to do something similar here.
One question I get asked a lot is “how do you find this stuff?”. As I said above, a lot of it comes from the recommendations of people I know in real life and people I follow online. If someone mentions another creator, even off handedly, I make a note to go look at them. Im also a big fan of services such as StumbleUpon and Pinterest that let me dive down rabbit holes and explore the internet semi-randomly. It’s a risky venture and I often find as much bad as good, but, given time, I developed an eye for the diamonds in the rough. At least I think I have. I guess that’s rather subjective.
All that being said, just because something is  interesting or novel doesn’t mean I want to promote it here. It may sound a little pretentious but I want the things I share to be a worthwhile investment of someone’s time and I want whoever looks at something based on my recommendation to be better for the experience. With that in mind there are a few things I use as criteria.
First, it has to be entertaining. It may seem like a shallow thing to put first but no one wanta to be bored. The content has to be engaging and interesting enough that the viewer/reader/listener wants to continue the experience. Once again, this is a fairly subjective criteria but I try to be open minded to a degree and assume that if it kept my interest long enough to even consider promoting it then it probably has enough appeal for others as well.
Secondly, it has to be meaningful. Plenty of people out out content every day that will have no lasting impact on the consumer, no true value aside from it’s ability to kill time. I want to share things that will improve people in some way. Whether that be by educating, inspiring, challenging viewpoints, or something else the important part is that the person is improved in some way by investing the time to consume the content. Much of that comes from the guys I work with here at Bro Seriously. Each of these guys has been a big part of my life for quite a while, both personally and professionally, and they have all taught m things and helped me grow as a person. While I don’t expect to be a transformative force in anyone’s life just by writing articles I hope that I can at least share with them something that helps them take a step towards being a better individual.
Third, I look at the creators and try to get a feel for who they are. It’s not always easy to tell but many times you can get some inkling of the kind of person a creator is from their content and how they interact with their audience. One of the foundational ideas for creating Bro Seriously was to create a community that people could be proud to be a part of and find others to connect with. We live in a time that most of the world can communicate in ways that were science fiction just a few decades ago. If I share something through Signal Boost, I want it to be someone who shows the same values with the people following them.
Lastly, I look for creators that have a level of talent and skill that is above their level of exposure. I could spend all day sharing channels that have a million subs and massive followings but I’m the end it wouldn’t mean much. Yes, those channels can be great, but if I can send someone with a few thousand subs a few new fans, and those new fans tell a few friends, and so on and so forth it can make a major impact on their work and possibly help turn someone’s dream into reality. If not, well at least a few people may find something new to enjoy for a while.
So, there it is, a look behind the curtain at what makes this series one of my favorite things to research.and write. I hope you enjoyed it and next week we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.
Have a great week.