Alright, E3 is over. The big reveals are done. We can take a break and catch our breath and… Oh fucking Sony and Activision are up to their bullshit again. Fine then. If that’s how it’s gonna be…
So Sony is being a bunch of dickheads in a spectacular fashion. Fortnite, the most popular thing in gaming right now was just released for the Nintendo Switch. Yay right? Well as excited as many people were at this news, that quickly turned sour as Sony gave a big middle finger to everyone by locking Epic accounts used on PS4 to PS4. That means if you have ever logged in on Sony’s console you cannot use it on Switch or Microsoft’s Xbox.
Keep in mind that Fortnite is not a Sony product. It is a third party title from Epic Games. The accounts are not Sony accounts, they are registered with Epic.
This is also not an issue with any other console. Xbox and switch users can bounce back and forth between the two with no issues.
So why would Sony do this? Greed. When someone makes a purchase on Fortnite, the console maker gets a small cut if that sale. With Fortnite being the massive cash cow that it is, Sony can’t stand the idea of someone using something on their platform that was purchased somewhere else. That’s not a theory either. Former Sony president John Smedley stated that this was the reason for Sony’s anti-crossplay sentiment when he headed the company from 2010 to 2015.
Now the shithead spin doctors over at Sony PR will tell you it’s because they are concerned with maintaining an online environment where they can protect their users from the evils of the internet in the form of online harassment and whatnot, but it’s a horseshit excuse. Not only do they do very little in the way of monitoring and policing what happens but they still allow crossplay with PC and mobile devices. The only people they are trying to strong-arm are players who own competing consoles, aka the people they could potentially lose money from.
Another major issue here is that Sony never informed their players that this would happen. People have looked through the fine print from every possible source and are yet to find anything that would have warned a user of the possibility.
So if you have been lucky enough to have never logged in to a PS4 on Fortnite then don’t. Just don’t. If you have another console or a PC to play on stay with that. If you’re the owner of a now locked account but can create another on a different console you should do so. Losing progress sucks but if the player base leaves in drives it will give Sony at least some idea of what kind of morons they’re behaving like.
Sony should also hear from you. Email them Tweet them. Write letters. Flood them with negative feedback for their shitty behavior. We’re already seeing the backlash against things like EA Star Wars have a positive effect.
Another company that deserves to catch some serious flack this week is Activision. Black Ops 4 has announced multiple special editions and a season pass, because of course they did.
They added another surprise as well. If you want anything aside from the base game you must buy the more expensive special edition because you must have the season pass and the season pass is only available with the special edition.
Want to play zombies by only buying that DLC? Fuck you says Activision!
Want to get the base game to see if you like it enough to get the DLC later? Too bad cheap ass says the greedy bastards at Activision!
Want to do anything other than hand over all of your money to them with no idea of the full product you’ll be getting? Too damn bad fucko shriek the soulless harpies from their Scrooge McDuck money pit!
The cheapest version of the game that will allow you to play DLC later on is 100$! 40$ more than the base game which, if we’re being honest, is not going to be a complete game because it’s a common practice for these people to cut out content from the base to help pad out the extra stuff they will sell you later as if they’re doing you a favor. They have already said they wouldn’t make a single player campaign so they were already charging the same money for less game before this shit.
These greedy leaches aren’t going to be happy until they can drain every dime out of every player for as little effort as they can possibly manage, all the while saying they care about player choice and games are expensive as they sip cognac chilled with ice made of the frozen tears of orphans.
So get out there and spread the word. Let people know what kind of shiftless, selfish scumbags we’re dealing with. Tell these companies exactly what you think about their behavior. Tell them that you’re mad as hell and you’re not gonna take it anymore!
Do not go quietly!!
Sour Pineapple