If you had told me a year ago that every week I would spend at least an hour listening to a lawyer read and explain court documents I would have offered you a ride to a reputable mental health facility. But here I am, excited to tell you about my favorite (and soon to be yours) copyright attorney: Leonard French!
His channel, Lawful Masses, primarily revolves around the ins and outs of copyright law in the U.S. with regards to digital media such as video games as well as online sharing platforms like YouTube and Twitch. In more recent times he has begun to expand more into other areas as the channel grows and content is added more often.
The format is generally fairly simple: Leonard is generally reading through a court document and giving a layman’s explanation of what it all means, along with any pertinent background information. I know, sounds riveting. But trust me, his delivery and explanation of not only what something is but also why an attorney would go in the direction they have gives a really interesting perspective to an aspect of the gaming and streaming communities that we often take for granted.
Mr. French also has a fantastic sense of humor about some of the more absurd things that can happen in lawsuits or other legal action. His recent video on “The Happytime Murders” is a great watch for a laugh and he has shown no problem with calling out spurious lawsuits or poorly managed litigation.
Also, he always wears a fantastic hat. Personally,  my top 3 are ( in no particular order) the Grumpy Cat beanie, his Deerstalker (Sherlock Holmes hat), and the powdered wig. Yes I will count that as a hat.
Saving the best for last, he streams his adorable dogs. If you can’t get behind that then I don’t know why I’m still talking to you.
So do yourself a favor and give a few of his videos a watch.  If you are a streamer or content creator of any kind please take the time to watch his video titled ” The Basics of Copyright For Creators”. It’s got some incredibly useful information that could save you a ton of hassle and money in the future.
Check him out on the YouTubes. If you enjoy his work consider supporting him on Patreon and spread the word.
Twitter: ww.twitter.com/leonardjfrench
Patreon : patreon.com/ljfrench
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