Alright class, lots to cover today so let’s get right to it.
After the turd sandwich that was the EA press conference, Microsoft kicked off Sunday afternoon in a much better fashion and they threw out a lot of stuff in 90 minutes.As such, there’s gonna be a lot I skip over here to hit some big highlights and surprises.
One thing that stood out during the otherwise really polished presentation. Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s animation and character design were a little wooden but… Oh he’s a real person. He’s just not a great speaker. Okay I’m with things now.
Halo is getting a new entry into the franchise with Halo Infinite, in which you will play Booker DeWitt journeying to the floating city of Columb… Wait no, that’s a different game with Infinite in the title. We really don’t know much about the new Halo game except Master Chief didn’t lose his helmet and there are Marines driving a land vehicle reminiscent of the mythical puma.
Ori and the Will of the Wisps looks even better than the first Ori game. The gameplay doesn’t look like they’re changing much. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was announced as releasing in 2019. The new title from the makers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne will feature a ninja with a prosthetic arm and what will most likely be difficult gameplay that will have you screaming in rage. Again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
I’m gonna skip Fallout 76 here and cover that when I talk about Bethesda.
We will have another chance to walk a mile in the post apocalyptic shoes of Artyum in METRO: Exodus. I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, the Metro series has been absolutely phenomenal in both gameplay and narrative so far. On the other hand, a lot of what gave the game it’s charm and core foundation was being set primarily in underground railroad tunnels. Taking the action to the surface could potentially rob the newest entry of a lot of what set it apart.
Kingdom Hearts is finally coming to Xbox. More on that later when I cover the Square Enix conference.
The Division 2, slated for a March 15, 2019 release, looks like someone might actually be learning from their mistakes. Improvements to the UI, enemies being less bullet spongy, and increased specialization options are all welcome improvements. The Division had a lot of potential and grew in quality over time. There’s a chance that the game could become a good example of how to make a proper sequel.
However, someone should get on with rounding up the people who think scripted multiplayer chatted in-game demos is a good idea and throw them in a lake. Seriously. It always sounds contrived and detracts from the presentation. If you happen to watch The Division 2 part of the replay do yourself a favor and mute it.
The Battletoads teaser was great but now what are we supposed to do to annoy GameStop employees?
Let’s talk about the Gears of War games. Yes, games. There had been rumors about a new Gears game and the crowd went nuts when the logo appeared on the screen accompanied by a revving chainsaw. And then a Pop figure stepped through followed by some lighthearted hijinks and the “coming soon to iOS and Android” logos. You could hear the anger in the silence that followed. Then there was a trailer for a main series Gears game and the payoff was fantastic. It really looked like that was going to be one of the best handled game announcements of the year.
Then they one upped themselves. Phil Spencer took the stage once again to close out the Microsoft E3 press conference. He even got so far as to wishing everyone a great E3 when the stage lighting and sound went wonky, a DOS styled screen flashed on the displays, and everything was bathed in a red light that usually causes a small panic attack when associated with Xbox. Cue the reveal for the much rumored Cyberpunk 2077.
All in all I think they it was a solid presentation. Aside from Phil Spencer having the charisma of a stall of asparagus the whole affair was handled well. It kept a brisk pace and stuck to the important parts.
The only true disappointment comes in the fact that I can’t really complain without nit-picking. So I guess this is just a recap of what happened in case you missed it. Sigh… Guess it’s up to Ubisoft and Sony to get me riled up again.



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