Most people only worry about themselves. Most people would never consider going through a traumatic experience for others. Most people aren’t IAmPattyJack.
When I first found out about this channel I was immediately drawn to his “Worst Game(s) Ever” series. Watching a man subject himself to the worst piles of crap on steam backed by cheery, chipper music is amazingly cathartic. And since there’s so much garbage on steam, let me put some perspective of what he’s going through. I watched half a video with a pop up ad on the screen because I genuinely thought it was in the game he was covering and he just hadn’t gotten to that yet.
From there I started looking over the rest of his channel and found something I didn’t expect. Most creators seem to stick to one game/franchise or rarely cover the same topic more than a time or two. Generally people have one niche that plays to their strengths and they say there. Once again, most people aren’t IAmPattyJack.
First impressions, news, a podcast, and several gameplay series over a variety of games, and more. He does it all and he’s good at all of it. It’s all fun to watch. It’s all entertaining.
I mean he’s got a series of Skyrim mod reviews. That’s legit and I appreciate the crap out of it.
And he does all of this while staying involved with his fans. That ,as always, shows the heart of great creator.
IAmPattyJack is horribly underrated. He’s a talented young man who deserves to be shared with anyone who enjoys any kind of gaming videos. Chances are anyone can find something on his channel to enjoy. Besides, just look at that logo.
Check him out through the links below and if you enjoy his work please tell a friend, subscribe to him and consider supporting him on Patreon or through Paypal.
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