Being genuine is at the core of what we want the Bro Seriously community to be and SidAlpha is as genuine as it gets.
Covering news and providing commentary on the gaming industry at large, as well as shining lights on the best (and worst) devs and games, SidAlpha brings a sense of honesty and care that isn’t seen from large gaming publications.
Primarily focused on the PC gaming market, SidAlpha’s reviews are often in the “first impression” style and cover AAA titles and indies alike and presents them with an emphasis on the question “Is it worth it?” though there is a healthy mix of more traditional reviews. Though personal preference colors anyones reviews, Sid does a great job of judging the game on it’s own merits as well in comparison to others in that genre.
News and opinion pieces make up another large chunk of his content and, while not shy with his feelings on matters, stories are presented fairly. Sources are sited for information presented as fact and anything that would be rumor or conjecture is clearly stated to be just that.
That being said, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. SidAlpha isn’t shy about calling out underhanded behavior by game developers and publishers and when they have attempted to silence his criticism they have found themselves with a fight on their hands. Sid has been on the receiving end of verbal abuse, baseless DMCA strikes, and threats of spurious lawsuits. Despite their best efforts Sid continues on, undaunted and undeterred.
Another great aspect of SidAlpha’s content is his engagement with his audience. He is constantly involved in discussions with his supporters, and his critics, and keeps those that follow him on any platform informed of developments on subjects he has covered before.
You can find SidAlpha through the links below and can support him by sharing his content or donating on Patreon.
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